Arch Linux

Livestreamer is available in the community package repository.

# pacman -S livestreamer


Livestreamer is available in the ports tree and also as a package.

Via ports

# cd /usr/ports/multimedia/livestreamer
# make install clean

Via package

# pkg install multimedia/livestreamer

Gentoo Linux

Livestreamer is available in the official portage tree:

# emerge net-misc/livestreamer

Mac OS X

Mac OS X comes with Python and easy_install installed by default:

# easy_install livestreamer


Livestreamer is available in the ports tree:

# cd /usr/ports/multimedia/livestreamer
# make install clean


Livestreamer is primarily developed for Unix-like operating systems where using a CLI is common. There is however a installer available for brave Windows users who don’t mind using the command prompt.

The installer can be downloaded from Github. It contains a precompiled version of Livestreamer that does not require you to install any of the dependencies.

Development builds

There are development builds available for Windows here.

Other OSs/from source

Stable version

The preferred way install Livestreamer is to use the Python package manager pip:

# pip install livestreamer

But it is also possible to use the old way of installing Python packages via easy_install:

# easy_install livestreamer

Development version

You can get the latest development version using Git:

$ git clone git://
$ cd livestreamer
# python install


Livestreamer currently depends on these libraries/programs to function.

To run the setup script you need:

These will be installed automatically by the setup script if they are missing:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python has guides helping you install Python on most common operating systems.

Optional dependencies

For RTMP based plugins:

For decrypting encrypted HLS streams:

For full support: